Organised in collaboration with the ILO-SES Programme and WHO, at the Inter University Centre (IUC)26-28 September 2002
in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Emerging Global Markets in Social Protection and Health: Implications for Socio-Economic Security


This seminar will assess the extent of the existing and foreshadowed international markets in private health, welfare, social protection and education services and the implications for equitable access to social provision, for socio-economic security and for supra-national governance. Among the themes to be addressed are:


a) The social implications of the global privatisation of welfare with special reference to social protection and health.

b) The emerging trade in health, social services and education: the implications for equitable access and national regulatory capacity.

c) Trends and experiences in the mechanisms and extent of the privatisation and commercialisation of services.

d) The role of trade agreements and international organisations in promoting these changes and conserving equity.

e) The prospects for the international regulation of global welfare markets.

f) The extent to which globalised private provision is undermining social contracts within countries and the potential impact on national high quality universal public provision.


THURSDAY 26 September
20.00 Informal Meal
FRIDAY 27 September
9.00 Registration at Inter University Centre (IUC)
9.30 First Session: Setting the Scene
  Chair: Bob Deacon, Director of GASPP
  Opening of the Seminar. Bob Deacon
9.45 Guy Standing, Director of the ILO Socio-Economic-Security Programme
Global Welfare Markets: Implications for Socio-Economic Security
  Comment: Robert O’Brien, Professor, Internat. Relations, McMaster’s University
10.15 Nick Drager, Chief, Health and Development Department, WHO
Trade and  Health, the role of WHO
  Comment: Eeva Ollila, Senior Researcher, GASPP
10.45 Discussion
11.00 Coffee
11.30 Rudolf Adlung, Senior Economist in Trade in Services, WTO
The WTO and Trade in Health, Welfare and Social Services
  Comment: Matthew Sanger, Researcher, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
12.00 Jane Lethbridge, Senior Research Fellow, Public Services International, Research Unit
Investment Strategies in International Health Care
  Comment: Huck-ju Kwon, Programme Co-ordinator, UNRISD
12.30 Sanjoy Nayak, Head of Department of Development Studies, University of Birmingham. Monopolisation of Global Public Goods:Emigration of Medical Personnel From the South to the North.
  Comment: Else Øyen, Scientific Director of CROP, University of Bergen
13.00 Discussion
13.30 IUC Reception
14.00 Lunch 
15.30 Second Session: Trends and Experiences in Privatisation of Social Provision
  Chair:Enrique Vásquez, Centro de Investigación, Universidad del Pacífico, Lima
  Sergei Zelenev, Senior Officer Social, Policy and Development, UNDESA
New Sources of Vulnerability and Risk in Post-Socialist Russia
  Comment: Ellen Rosskam, Senior Work Security Specialist, Socio-Economic Security Programme, ILO Geneva.
16.00 Maria Amparo Cruz-Saco, Associate Professor, Connecticut College
Global Insurance Companies and the Privatisation of Pensions and Health Care in Latin America
  Comment: Cecilia Ugaz, Project Director, UNU/WIDER
16.30 Discussion
17.00 Coffee
17.30 Champak C Jinabhai, Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, University of Natal
Sustaining public health provision. The South African Case
  Comment: Maureen Macintosh, UNRISD and Open University, UK
18:00 Rama Baru, Associate Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Privatisation and Health Services in South Asia
  Comment: Chan Chee Khoon, Associate Professor, University Sains Malaysia
18.30 Discussion
19.30 Mayoral Reception at Dubrovnik Town Hall
20.30 Dinner in the Old Town
SATURDAY 28 September
9.00 THIRD SESSION: Policy Issues: International Actors’ Roles, Responsibilities and Regulation
  Chair: Paul Stubbs, Senior Associate Researcher, GASPP
9.00 Judith Richter, Independent Researcher
International Regulation and Global Corporate Responsibilities
  Comment: Minna Ilva, GASPP Researcher
9.30 Nicola Yeates, Lecturer, Queens University, Belfast
The Implications of the GATS for Social Security Policy and Provision
  Comment: Chris Holden Brunel University, UK
10.00 Discussion
10.30 Coffee
11.00 Meri Koivusalo, Senior Researcher, GASPP
EU Policies, Regulations and Privatisation of Social Services
  Comment: Ian Gough, Professor of Social Policy, University of Bath
11.30 Richard Minns, Author of The Cold War in Welfare
The Stock Market Model for Socio-Economic Welfare
  Comment: Xinping Guan, Professor and Head Department of Sociology, Nankai University, China
12.00 Christopher Scherrer, Kassel University
The Globalisation of Higher Education :the Regulatory Issues
  Comment: Sanjoy Nayak, University of Birmingham
12.30 Discussion
13.00 Lunch
14.30 Fourth Session: The Research Agenda
  This session will take the form of shorter presentations on recently completed research and on suggested future research and policy analysis agendas. It will give way to a round table discussion on the research, policy analysis and publication tasks ahead.
  Chair: Bob Deacon, Director of GASPP
14.30 Research Reports:
  Kasturi Sen, Senior Research Associate, Dept. of Public Health, University of Cambridge
Public Subsidy for Private Health. Emerging Trade in Public Provision. Case Studies from India
  Santosh Mehrotra, Senior Economic Adviser, UNICEF Innocenti Centre, Florence
Protecting the Labouring Poor in the Informal Economy. Five Asian Case Studie
  Ellen Rosskam, Senior Work Security Specialist, Socio-Economic Security Programme, ILO Geneva, Economic Security of Workers and Health Care Privatisation in Eastern Europe
  Cecilia Ugaz, Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
The Social Impact of Privatisation and Regulation of Utilities and Social Services in Latin America
16.00 Coffee
16.30 Research Agendas:
  Chris Holden, Lecturer, Brunel University
Actors and Motives in the Internationalisation of Privately Provided Services:A Research Agenda
  Maureen Macintosh, Professor of Economics, Open University and UNRISD
The Globalisation and Privatisation Component of the UNRISD Social Policy in a Development Context Research Programme.
  Guy Standing, Director of the ILO-SES Programme
Next Steps in the ILO-SES Programme; the Connections to Global Welfare Markets
  Nick Dragger, Chief, Health and Development Department, WHO
Next Steps in the WHO Trade in Health Policy Analysis and Publication Agenda
18.30 End of Seminar

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