Global Social Policies and Social Rigths?
8-10 November 2000, New Delhi, India

This seminar is an attempt to take stock, from a variety of critical perspectives of ‘the state of the world’s welfare policy’, in the aftermath of the Geneva 2000 (Copenhagen Plus 5) Summit and in the run up to the 2001 UN high level meeting on Finance for Development. The seminar aims to examine global social policies in the context of social rights, equity and access to all when the trends in social policies being promoted internationally point towards increasing social inequalities within and between nations and regions; increasing privatisation of social and health services; and the increasing focus, within poverty alleviation programmes, on targeting.

What is the relationship between the social rights discourse and its concerns with equity and the internationalisation of private welfare services? Who, if anybody is facing up to the inter-regional social transfers implied by a commitment to meeting social rights globally? What are the implications for Financing for Development? How can the threatened national social contracts be rebuilt internationally? What is the state of social policies in each region and what are the future challenges and concerns for those concerned with equitable welfare entitlements.


There will be four main seminar sessions consisting of invited papers and one lunch time poster session for contributed papers.

Session One: Global Social Policies and Social Rights: rhetoric and reality

This session will consist of a series of presentations tracing the historical development of social rights’ discourses, and the diverse meanings of the term within specific global and international institutions. The aim is to paint a broad picture on the state of social policies promoted by international institutions and their relation with concept of social rights in the context of globalisation.

Sessions Two and Three: Regional Perspectives and Sector Policy: Social rights and sectoral policies in health, education and social security?

These sessions will explore the state of the world’s welfare through a series of presentations outlining the main trends in social policy in specific regions. The role of diverse actors in the making of social and health policies and the provision of services will be addressed, with presenters examining the impact of different discourses of social rights, markets and developmental targeting in each region.

Session Four: The Future Challenges and Trends?

This session will seek to draw out the major themes and issues from the seminar as a whole and will outline critical research and an action agenda for the future. The session will a) highlight the importance of national and regional social policy differences in responce to globalisation, b) point to issues and problems of participation, empowerment and accountability in social policy, c) consider the prospects for global resource transfer and d) discuss how the case for equity in social policy might be strenghthened by new UN related initiatives.

Poster/Contributed Paper Session.

This opportunity exists for other invited participants to table additional papers on the themes of the seminar. Such paper contributors will be available for discussion of their papers on an informal basic at this set time in the programme.



Thursday, 9th November 2000

9.00 Registration

9.30 Welcoming words by Bob Deacon, Globalism and Social Policy Programme (GASPP) and Rama Baru, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

9.40 Session One:
Global social policies and Social rights: rhetoric and reality

Chair: Meri Koivusalo, GASPP, STAKES, Finland

Speaker 1: Bob Deacon, GASPP, STAKES, Finland
Author of Global Social Policy.
Speaker 2: Nicola Bullard, Focus on the Global South, Thailand
Speaker 3: Jomo Kwame Sundaram, University of Malaya
The Reform of or Retreat from Globalisation:which future for improved social policies?

Commentator to speaker 2: Maria Shaba, TANGO, Tanzania

Commentator to speaker 3: Miloon Kothari, Habitat International Coalition, India

12.30 Lunch

2.00 pm Session Two:

Regional Social Policy Trends and Issues 1.
Chair: Gyansham Shah, Jawaharlar Nehru University, India

Speaker 1: Adebayo Olukoshi, The Nordic Africa Institute, University of Uppsala, Sweden
Speaker 2: Enrique Vasquez, Universidad del Pacifico, Peru
Speaker 3: Huck-ju Kwon, Sung Kyun Kwan University, Korea
Globalisation, Unemployment and Policy Responses in Korea

Speaker 4: Chee-Khoon Chan, Citizen’s Health Initiative, Malaysia
Commentator to speaker 1: Batseba Katjiuongua, Ministry Health and Social Services, Namibia

Commentator to speaker 2: Robert O’Brien, McMaster University, Canada

Commentator to speaker 3: Ian Gough, University of Bath, UK

Commentator to speaker 4: Carlos Ferreyra Nunez, Public Health Alliance, Argentina


Friday, 10th November 2000

9.00 Session Three:

Regional Social Policy Trends and Issues 2.
Chair: Jan Aart Scholte, Centre for the Study of Regionalisation and Globalisation, University of Warwick, UK

Speaker 1: Edward A. Oyugi, Kenyan Social Watch Coalition, Kenya

Speaker 2: Imrana Qadeer, Jawaharlar Nehru University, India
“Health Care Reforms and Equity in South Asia”

Speaker 3: Zarko Papic, Independent Bureau for Humanitarian Issues (IBHI), Bosnia-Herzegovina

Speaker 4: Mustafa El-Sayed, Cairo University, Egypt, presentation on behalf of the Centre for the Study of Developing Countries based on the paper of Leila El-Khawaga
“Social and Labour Policies in the context of Globalisation in the Arab world, which will be available.”

Commentator to speaker 1: S. Akbar Zaidi, Karachi, Pakistan

Commentator to speaker 2: Minar Pimple, YUVA, Mumbai, India

Commentator to speaker 3: Champak C. Jinabhai, University of Natal, South Africa

Commentator to speaker 4: Shahra Razavi, UNRISD

12.00    Lunch

2.00 pm Session Four:

Global and Regional Social Policies: Trends and Challenges Ahead.
Chair: Fiona Dove, Director Trans National Institute, the Netherlands

Speaker 1: Ian Gough, University of Bath, UK”Globalisation and Welfare Regimes: Lessons from the East Asian Region”

Speaker 2: Jan Aart Scholte, University of Warwick, UK
“Global Resources for Global Social Policies: what prospects?”

Speaker 3: Shahra Razavi, UNRISD
“UNRISD’s Programme on Social Policy in a Development Context”

Speaker 4: Heba El-Kholy, UNDPTCDC
“UNDPTCDC Programme on Managing the Risks of Globalisation: A South-South Exchange on the Role of Social Policies.”


General concluding discussion and networking re. future work

5.00pm Closing of the seminar

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