International Trade and Investment Agreements:
Implications for Social Rights and Social Policy,
Sheffield, UK, 10-12 December 1998.

This is a full list of papers presented at the second GASPP seminar.

Friday 11 December 1998

Welcome and Introduction.
Bob Deacon. Director of GASPP.

Session One

Global Liberalisation of Trade and Investment:
Implications for Social Rights. Chair Bob Deacon

Matthew Sanger, Independent Researcher specializing in Trade and Social Policy, Canada
MAI: Multilateral Investment and Social Rights.

Jamie Love, Center for Study of Responsive Law, USA
WTO, European Union Trade Policy and Women’s Rights.

Jo Brew, Network Women in Development Europe (WIDE), Belgium
Intellectual Property Rights and the Public Interest.

Commentators: Nicola Yeates, Timo Voipio.

Session Two

Global Liberalisation of Trade and Investment: Implications for Health Policy. Chair. Meri Koivusalo

Allyson Pollock, University of London, UK
Privatisation and the Emergence of a Global Health Care Industry.

Ron Labonte, Public Health Activist, Canada
The WTO, MAI and Global Public Health

Ilona Kickbusch, Centre for Global Health Studies, Yale, USA
The Research Agenda for Global Health Studies

Commentators: Eeva Ollila, Nick Manning


Saturday 12 December 1998.

Session Three

Global Liberalisation of Trade and Investment: Implications for Labour Standards Chair. Paul Stubbs.

Robert O’Brien, Institute on Globalisation and the Human Condition McMaster University, Canada.
Core Labour Standards and the Legacy of Imperialism

Roy Jones, TUAC-OECD, France
Economic Globalisation and Labour Standards

Linda Shaw, Women Working Worldwide, UK.
Social Clauses in Trade – benefits and problems.

Commentator: Peter Willetts.


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