Seminar 1


Global Governance and Social Policy
Kellokoski, Finland, May 28-30, 1998


This is a complete list of papers and short contributions, some of which may appear as GASPP Occasional Papers or articles in the proposed Journal of Global Social Policy.

Friday 29 May, 1998

Opening of seminar by Vappu Taipale, Director General, STAKES.

Opening Remarks: Globalism and Social Policy: the research and policy agenda. Bob Deacon, Director of GASPP

Working Session One: Intergovernmental Organisations and Social Policy. Chair. Vappu Taipale, Director General, STAKES

John D. Martin, Associate Director, Division of Intensified Co-operation with Countries in Greatest Need (ICO), WHO
What are the prospects for the WHO’s Health for All strategy?

John Langmore, Director, Division of Social Policy and Development,UN
What follows for the UN from the Social Summit?

Jacques Baudot, Senior Adviser, Secretary of the Copenhagen Seminars on Social Progress
A Shared Political Culture for a Global Community?

Eva Jespersen, Policy Adviser, Division of Evaluation, Policy and Planning, UNICEF
UNICEF’s work in the context of globalisation

Linda Wong, Associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong, China
Social Policy Reform in China: any role for international organisations?

Nick Manning, Professor, University of Nottingham, UK
Monitoring Social Conditions in Post Communism: UNICEF’s contribution to the global social policy discourse

Working Session Two: International Civil Society and Social Policy.
Chair. Anneli Milen, Director, STAKES International Development Collaboration

Thomas G. Weiss, Research Professor, Director of Global Security Programme The Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University, USA
International NGOs and Global Governance

Jan Aart Scholte, Senior Lecturer in International Studies, Institute of Social Studies,The Hague, Netherlands
Global Social Movements and Social Policy: CIVIL Society and the IMF

Paul Stubbs, Senior Associate research Fellow, GASPP.
The Social Visions of INGOs

Ramu Baru, Assistant Professor, Jawaharlar Nehru University, New Delhi, India
Globalisation and International Civil Society in India

Martin Beaumont, Researcher, DESCO, Lima, Peru
Globalisation and International Civil Society in Peru


Saturday 30 May, 1998

Working Session Three: Responses to Globalisation: Implications for Social Policy
Chair. Kirsi Viisainen, Adviser, STAKES International Development Collaboration

Branko Milanovic, Policy and Research Department, the World Bank, Washington
Globalisation and Social Policy: World Bank responses

Diane Stone, Lecturer, University of Warwick, UK
Think Tanks and the Globalisation of Policy Ideas

Mark Duffield, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham, UK
Global Security and Social Policy in Zones of Instability

Bob Deacon, Director, GASPP
Consultancy Companies: accountability in policy prescription?

Meri Koivusalo, Research Fellow, GASPP
The WTO, the MAI and Health Policy

Kelley Lee, Lecturer, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Globalisation and Health Policy

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