GASPP seminars on Global Social Policy

GASPP runs a seminar series on development in global social policy analysis and practice to which invited speakers are asked to summarise latest developments in their field.

GASPP 6: Globalisation, Regionalisation and the Making of Social Policy in South Eastern Europe.
September 18-20 2003, Thessaloniki, Greece.

GASPP 5: The Emerging Social Markets in Social Protection and Health: Implications for Socio-Economic Security.
26-28 September 2002, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

GASPP 4:Global Social Policy and Social Rights?
8-10 November 2000 New Delhi, India.

GASPP 3: International NGOs, Consulting Companies and Global Social Policy: subcontracting governance?
11-13 December 1999 Finland.

GASPP 2: International Trade and Investment Agreements: Implications for Social Rights and Social Policy.
10-12 December 1998, UK.

GASPP 1: Global Governance and Social Policy.
28-30 May 1998 Finland

Additionally, GASPP takes every opportunity to contribute to or facilitate conferences organised by others. GASPP staff have delivered papers and key note addresses at numerous international conferences in recent years.

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