GASPP News 2001/2002

  • Global Social Policy Digest 2.3 on web! [7 Nov 2002]

In keeping with our policy of providing a fast and
comprehensive coverage of news and developments in global social policy the Digest for GSP issue 2.3, which will be published in hard copy in December 2002, is available on the new GASPP web site.

This edition of the digest covers the period from April to September 2002 and includes developments in international social policy.

  • GASPP 5 Seminar [10 Oct 2002]

The 5th GASPP Seminar organised in collaboration with the ILO-SES Programme and WHO entitled The Emerging Global Markets in Social Protection and Health: Implications for Socio-Economic Security was held on 26-28 September in Dubrovnik, Croatia. See the Programme. Papers of the seminar will be published.

  • GASPP eNewsletter [04 Oct 2002]

GASPP maintains a data base of scholars working in the field of global social policy analysis and facilitates networking by means of an enewsletter circulated a few times a year. News No 4 will be circulated soon. Subscribe to it.

  • GASPP Occasional Paper No 9/2002 [29 Jan 2002]

Contracting Companies and Consultants: The EU and the Social Policy of Accession Countries by Caroline de la Porte and Bob Deacon.

  • GASPP Occasional Paper No 8/2001 [04 Jan 2002]

The Social Dimension of Regionalism:
A Constructive alternative to neo-liberal globalisation?
by Bob Deacon.

This GASPP report concerns the extent to which three regional groupings of countries, SADC, ASEAN and MERCOSUR have evolved a regional approach to social policy and social development. Based on fieldwork in the three regions and extensive consultations the extent of the social dimension of the regions is described and analysed and the prospects for its further development assessed. The implications of this work are considered in the context of the current international debate about how to inject a social dimension into neo-liberal economic globalisation. Policy conclusions are drawn both for the regions themselves, for the European Union and for UK’s International Development Policy. A proposal for an inter-regional social policy and social development conference and networking is made.
The main conclusions of the report.

  • GASPP study on Consulting Companies [31 Aug 2001]

Today the GASPP programme submitted to the Finish Foreign Ministry a study of the role that consulting companies have played in the technical assistance offered to Central and Eastern Europe in the context of the EU’s PHARE and CONSENSUS programmes. It is critical of the contribution of such companies and of how their work is evaluated by the EU.

A summary of the report and its recommendations.

  • Analyses of the WHR 2000 [11 Jun 2001]

The World Health Report 2000. What Does It Tell Us About The Health Systems? – Analyses by Finnish Experts.

Paper on Globalisation and the prospects for Universal social provision

Some policy conclusions concerned with the relationship between globalisation and social policy are emerging from the five year GASPP programme. These have been articulated in a paper that has been presented at a number of important international meetings recently.

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